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        Description: A man is flying a drone over the ocean, capturing stunning aerial footage through AWS.
        Description: A man is flying a drone over the ocean, capturing stunning aerial footage through AWS.
Chet Bohley
August 17, 2021
Part 107
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Last updated: August 17, 2021

Here’s a simple truth you’ll learn the first day you fly: It’s easy and an absolute blast!

Yet, a little more complicated is the skill, knowledge, and laws that govern Drone activity. Let us examine 3 reasons why an FAA Part 107 Unmanned Aircraft Pilots License will help you enjoy flying and avoid drone confiscation or even worse: thousands of dollars in fines!

Reason #1 – You’ll become familiar with knowledge not provided by the TRUST certification.

The FAA has recently released the Recreational UAS Safety Test, known as the TRUST certification. It is now the law to take and pass this exam prior to any recreational flying, and you can be fined without it. One reason for this is the increased volume of complaints that arise when uneducated flyers violate the rules of basic social etiquette.

The number of drone users is growing worldwide. The need for a recreational TRUST certification is pretty apparent, but it covers only the basics of drone flight. Much of the knowledge you’d learn obtaining the Part 107 license can help you save money in the long term. And if you intend at some point to make any money from your drone flights, having as much of this knowledge early on can be of great benefit.

Reason #2 – “Drone Pilot” is a job title.

If your intention is to make money as a Drone Pilot, the FAA Part 107 License is required. There is NO way around this! Many YouTubers have found this to be the case as they use Drone footage on their channels. There are multiple videos stating the FAA has contacted them and threatened HUGE fines! (Search YouTube for the phrase “FAA called me”).

In the end, is the small price to take the test worth it to avoid thousands of dollars in fines? To us, it’s been easy math!

Every author or content contributor on this blog is a licensed Drone Pilot with an FAA Part 107 license. Besides the bragging rights that come with telling your friends that you are a legit pilot, we’ve actually found the best perk of getting your license is that you can be paid to have fun!

Reason #3 – Recreational use may mean free and easy, but it also means limited compensation.

If you fly for fun only and have zero interest in making money, consider a common scenario. You’re having a wonderful time flying in your nearby park. Someone taps you on the shoulder and tells you they are selling a building a block away and they’d pay you a few dollars to film the building from the air. Your intention that day was not to make any money, but you land your drone and proceed.

However, when you take off to film the building, the question arises: has your intention now changed from recreational to commercial flight? Only you know the answer to that – but the FAA has stated they reserve the right to call into question your intent. There is also always the possibility that the realtor calls you back and asks you to film more buildings.

Remember that it’s the responsibility of the FAA to regulate the use of airspace, and their decisions protect everyone from catastrophe. In the end, TRUST the FAA and play it safe by expanding the options and intentions available to you before flying.

For these reasons and more please consider becoming a licensed FAA Part 107 Unmanned Aircraft Pilot. You’ll never regret it. If YouTube isn’t your cup of tea, check out Pilot Institute’s Part 107 Commercial Drone Pilot License Course.

About the author: Chet Bohley is a Digital Marketing expert with over 20 years experience in technical fields. He specializes in Development, AI, and SaaS integrations. Chad Monroe, the author of this post, is a licensed Part 107 Drone Pilot and contributing author for BirdieShotz. At the time this article was written, the gadget of choice capturing his attention was the DJI Mavic Mini. Check out his other content by visiting Drive the Lightning.

Questions regarding this article? Please send me a message and I’ll reply asap.


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