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A campfire on the sandy beach near the ocean, perfect for an idyllic getaway.
A campfire on the sandy beach near the ocean, perfect for an idyllic getaway.
Chet Bohley
October 22, 2022
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Last updated: October 31, 2022

During the pandemic, my wife and I camped pretty regularly. We upgraded all the gear, bought a new tent, and went out with friends who’d already booked us a great campsite.

Not long later, we ventured out to the reservation sites on our own, and were instantly disappointed.

Everything was FULL.

At least all the sites we wanted. Here in Michigan we target a coveted campsite on Lake Michigan, and the only way we can book it is to be up and online six months prior to the day of check-in.

We did that, and found the sites were gone almost instantly. That’s when we started hunting for what everyone else must be using.

That’s how we found a great campsite using CampNab.

CampNab allows you to nab coveted campsites at sold out campgrounds across the United States.

Whether it’s Yosemite, Glacier, Yellowstone, or one of currently 3,200 parks and 7,000 campgrounds… CampNab helps quite a bit.

You can login, set alerts, and CampNab will scan all of your selected dates, campsites, and coveted spots for availability. If there is a cancellation, they notify you and you book.

A note: Currently CampNab does not do the booking for you. Booking is on you, as they don’t want to break the Park system’s setup and the parks would shut them down. You browse to the site and book yourself, without needing to constantly check for availability.

Camping next spring, summer, or fall? Give CampNab a shot – you’ll get what you want a whole lot easier.

Lastly, for you campers who love to fly drones, remember that flying in National Parks is currently illegal. Check out the DJI Osmo Series for filming that epic campsite footage.

About the author: Chet Bohley is a Digital Marketing expert with over 20 years experience in technical fields. He specializes in Development, AI, and SaaS integrations. At the time of writing, his current gadget of choice for filming drone-free national parks was the DJI Osmo Mobile 6.

Questions regarding this article? Please send me a message and I’ll reply asap.


  1. Well done Chet!


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