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Shawn Sheppard
May 20, 2024
Social Media

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Last updated: May 20, 2024

The day you create your Instagram account, it’s like raising a child. It starts off knowing nothing about your preferences, likes, or dislikes. It learns by observing you: who you follow, what you like, and what you share. Over time, it gets better at keeping you engaged on the platform. Implementing just a few of our Instagram engagement post ideas can help boost your overall followers, but it takes a little discipline.

Here’s a catch: if you’re using your business account for all your mindless scrolling, you’re muddying the waters. Instagram doesn’t know what content is relevant to your business and what isn’t. The result? Your account’s hygiene is a mess, and Instagram has no clue where to place your videos or what to show you that’s related to your business.

Don’t worry, though. There’s a way to clean up the mess:

  1. Follow Industry Leaders: Connect with people in your industry. Their content will help Instagram understand your niche.
  2. Engage with Relevant Content: Like and share posts that are related to your business. This teaches Instagram what you’re interested in professionally.
  3. Ignore Irrelevant Posts: This is the hardest part. Resist the temptation to engage with content that has nothing to do with your business.

Over time, Instagram will recognize that your account is focused on your industry and start putting it in front of the right audience. It will also begin to show you more relevant content, giving you inspiration for your own posts.

For your personal entertainment, like funny cat or dog videos, use your personal account. It’s okay to mess that one up. Plus, this separation helps keep you focused. When you’re on Instagram, you’ll know whether it’s time for business inspiration or just some lighthearted scrolling.

Keeping your personal and business accounts separate will help you stay focused and organized, making your time on Instagram more productive and enjoyable.

About the author: Shawn Sheppard is a Digital Media and Marketing expert with over 20 years experience in advertising fields. He specializes in Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Video Production. At the time of posting, Shawn was preparing his DJI Air 2s for filming in the beautiful Smokey Mountains of Tennessee.

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