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A living room with a blue couch and orange rug perfect for showcasing home decor on a marketing website powered by Webflow.
A living room with a blue couch and orange rug perfect for showcasing home decor on a marketing website powered by Webflow.
Chet Bohley
September 16, 2023
This post contains an AirBnB Vacation Rental checklist of 20 items every family and large group will want when booking your home. Work through the list and slowly acquire these items as you go, perhaps buying one item with every 1 or 2 bookings. You'll have supplied your guests with a long list of amenities when completed!

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Last updated: February 24, 2024

Have a larger vacation rental capable of hosting bigger groups of friends and family? If so, we’ve got the ultimate checklist that will make your rental the talk of the town (or at least the talk of the family WhatsApp chat). From gigantic couches to pet-friendly amenities, here are 20 items that promise comfort, luxury, and a dash of fun for your guests.

If your rental isn’t very large, no worries! The following items come in all shapes and sizes and can help any vacation rental.

1. A Gigantic Comfortable Couch

Let’s start with the heart of the living room – a couch that can accommodate everyone! It’s the perfect spot for group selfies, movie marathons, or just sprawling out after a long day of vacationing.

2. High-Speed WiFi

In this digital age, offering high-speed WiFi is akin to offering a roof – absolutely necessary. It fuels those “Wish you were here” Instagram posts and keeps the Netflix binge sessions rolling.

You can even configure these Wifi hotspots to capture guest emails. Here are our top options for wifi configurations that offer remote access and some nice marketing possibilities:

  1. Ubiquiti Dream Machine Pro (or SE): Our favorite option is the Ubiquiti Dream Machine. A network with Ubiquiti as its backbone can be remotely managed and monitored easily and securely. Combine this with option 3 below to expand the networking range throughout the rental.
  2. Ubiquiti Dream Router (smaller alternative): Next best is this smaller router allowing for 2 additional Power over Ethernet (PoE) Wifi access points (Option 3 below).
  3. Ubiquiti U6 Lite (or Pro) Access Points

3. A Fully-Equipped Kitchen

Whether your guests are whipping up a microwave meal or a gourmet dinner, a well-stocked kitchen is a must. It’s where snacks meet laughter and create the best vacation memories.

4. Outdoor Entertainment Area

An outdoor space where guests can soak up the sun or enjoy a starry night, perhaps with a glass of wine in hand, adds a touch of luxury to any vacation rental.

5. A Selection of Board Games

Keep the fun and games rolling with a selection of board games. Just a heads up, we are not responsible for any family feuds caused by a game of Monopoly!

6. A Roku TV, YouTubeTV, and Guest Login ability

Movie nights are a staple in any vacation, and a Smart TV equipped with popular streaming services promises endless entertainment for guests of all ages.

We recommend providing one streaming service – YouTube TV and it’s cable channels – that you pay for and a way that guests can login with their own services (everyone has them – don’t pay for them all). Combine the following together for a perfect login package:

  1. Roku TV – Turn on the TV’s Guest Login mode, which allows renters to automatically log themselves out of their services on their checkout date.
  2. YouTubeTV – YouTubeTV provides cable access, DVR, and is easy to monitor remotely.

7. Quality Linen and Bedding

After a day of adventures, your guests will appreciate nothing more than sinking into beds with quality linen and bedding. It’s like a hug, but better!

8. Washer and Dryer

Offering a washer and dryer is a subtle way of saying, “Feel free to get dirty on your adventures, we’ve got you covered!”

9. A Welcome Basket with Local Goodies

Greet your guests with a basket of local goodies that offer a taste of the region. It’s a warm and personal way to kickstart their vacation.

10. A Comprehensive Guidebook

Equip your guests with a guidebook featuring local attractions, eateries, and emergency numbers. It’s like handing them the keys to the city, but in book form!

Even better, make this a digital book or PDF that is automatically sent to them after you capture their email via a survey, QR code, or a WiFi login in step 2.

11. Central Air Conditioning/Heating

Ensure your guests stay comfortable no matter the season with a central air conditioning and heating system. It’s the unsung hero of vacation rentals! Make sure you have a digital thermostat you can control remotely.

12. A Fireplace or Outdoor Fire Option

Add a cozy touch to your rental with a fireplace where guests can gather around for a night of stories and laughter, accompanied by a glass of fine wine. If you can’t provide an indoor or outdoor option, these simple fire pits offer fantastic ambience:

  1. Solo Stove– A simple and easy choice that doesn’t require a brick layer :).
  2. Propane Fire Pit – A larger option that simulates the feel of a traditional fire pit.

13. Hot Tub or Pool

A hot tub or pool promises a splash of fun and relaxation, making your rental a hit with both the kids and the adults. Make sure you keep a pool service on retainer!

14. BBQ Grill or Pizza Oven

Encourage your guests to channel their inner grill master with a BBQ grill or Pizza Oven. Because nothing says vacation like a good old BBQ party!

  1. Weber Gas Griddle – We’ll take a Gas Griddle on vacation over a standard grill anyday.
  2. Ooni Pizza Ovens – If you haven’t tried homemade pizza, then let your guests try it first. These popular ovens are finding their way into many popular vacation rentals.

15. First-Aid Kit

Safety first! A well-stocked first-aid kit ensures that minor accidents don’t put a damper on the vacation fun.

16. Baby Amenities

For families with little ones, offering amenities like a crib, stroller, and high chair can be a game-changer, making their stay comfortable and hassle-free.

17. Pet-Friendly Amenities

Don’t forget about the fur babies! Offering pet-friendly amenities like a small pet bed makes sure that even the four-legged family members enjoy their stay.

18. Spacious Parking Area

A spacious parking area ensures that the game of car musical chairs remains a thing of the past, making arrivals and departures a breeze.

19. Flexible Check-In and Check-Out Times

Vacation time is a fluid concept. Offering flexible check-in and check-out times means your guests can relax without constantly eyeing the clock.

20. A Personal Touch

Lastly, add a personal touch with a handwritten note welcoming your guests. It’s a small gesture that adds a sprinkle of warmth and hospitality to their stay. Ask your cleaning service to leave one of these out and ready with guest instructions after every cleaning.


Equipping your large vacation rental with these 20 essential items promises a stay that is comfortable, luxurious, and filled with fun. So go ahead, roll out the welcome mat and watch your guests flock in for an unforgettable vacation experience!

About the author: Chet Bohley is a Digital Marketing expert with over 20 years experience in technical fields. He specializes in Development, AI, and SaaS integrations. At the time of writing, the Apple iPhone Pro had just been released and was on the "get and review" list.

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